Helping Believers Worship In Spirit And in Truth

Music is important, and is mentioned in the Bible over 839 times. God must consider music important to mention it that many times.  It is a major emphasis of the Bible.

The Bible says we are to come before His presence with singing.  God chose singing. He didn’t say, “Come repenting, crawling on your knees, or screaming confessions.”  He said, “I want you to come singing.”

          Psalm 95:2 = Let us come before Him with thanksgiving and extol Him with music and song. 

Worship has the ability to break down the barriers, tear down walls, and soften our hearts.  Worship will knit our hearts together in love and bring down the barriers between us and God.

Music is a powerful weapon that we can wield against the onslaught of the enemy.  God wants the church ready and prepared for what is ahead.  God is restoring Biblical praise and worship in His church to do battle and war against the enemy.

Worship is about ascribing to God His worth.   First off, worship is not even about us to begin with. Worship is about God.  Worship is love and adoration to God. The Father seeks those who will worship Him, God is a spirit and we must worship Him in spirit and in truth.

There are different expressions of worship to God.  We worship with our mouth, our hands and our bodies.  God wants every part of us involved in worshiping Him.

We worship with our Mouth   
  • Singing . . . (Psalm 9:2,11)
  • Audible Praise . . . (Revelation 19:1,6)
  • Shouting . . . (Psalm 47:1)
We worship with our Hands
  • Lifting Hands . . . (Psalm 134:2)
  • Clapping . . . (Psalm 47:1)
  • Musical Instruments . . . (Psalm 150:3-5)
 We worship with our Bodies
  • Standing . . . (Psalm 134:1)
  • Bowing, Prostrating . . . (Psalm 95:6)
  • Dancing . . . (Psalm 149:3)

When we worship the Lord it will bring the revelation of God’s presence.  It will cause us to be strengthened, and bring deliverance, healing and joy.