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Where Can I Serve?

If you want to be great, in God’s Kingdom, learn to be a servant of all!  Learning to be a servant is what God has called us all to do.  Serving God is a wonderful thing.  We are all called to be servants of the Lord.  How often do we take action and serve Him. To be able to serve in the house of God all you need to do is look for needs and try to meet those needs. This is what the Kingdom of God is all about. Below is a list of areas where you can serve and be a blessing in Community Chapel. 

 Mission Outreach

Community Chapel is thrilled to be part of the spread of God’s kingdom around the world. We are active in sending out teams, missionaries and supporting these missionaries with our money and with our prayers. The seven missionaries we support are:

  • East Africa Ministry – Bible College
  • Elijah’s Missions – Egypt & Lebanon
  • Herald of Faith – Global Ministry Training
  • Life-Builder Ministry – United States & Mexico
  • Open Arms Christian Center – Esther’s House – Los Angeles

We encourage all of our people to respond to God’s call for laborers, whether it means that they move to a foreign country or live and minister in our own community.

Music Department

The Music Department is a vital part of the Church for it sets the atmosphere for each one of us to hear God’s voice in the service.  If you are looking for a place to minister to the Church body this is a great place to begin.  There are many areas in the Music Department where you can serve.  You can sing in the choir, be a soloist or sing in special groups.  You may want to become a part of the worship team, which ushers in the presence of God.  This is a way to be a tremendous blessing in the House of God.


The Porters position in the church is very important.  They are the first point of welcome and communication between the Ministry and the congregation.  They maintain order throughout each service, as well as serving the Pastors and the Leaders of the church.  Porters are instrumental in the smooth flowing of each service and making sure that each person that enters the doors of the church feels welcome in the House of God.

Children’s Ministry

Children are a blessing from God and to be involved with the Children’s Ministry let you work with children of all ages.  In Sunday School the children are taught about God and the Bible and how to live a Christian life.  The Children’s Ministry consists of several different areas, such as Music, Art, Activities and Fellowship.  As an Administrator, Teacher or Helper you will have an important role in helping the children grow up in God and have a personal relationship with Him.  What a great way to be a part in guiding the next generation into active service for the Lord.

Media & Technology

Using media to spread the gospel is a privilege of  Community Chapel .  In an age of widespread technology, we have a stewardship to use these tools as best as possible for kingdom purposes. All of our weekly sermons are recorded on Cd’s. We are in the process of video taping our services and  uploading them to our website.  We also have church wifi available in services. 

Prayer Warriors

Prayer cannot be overestimated. Prayer moves the hand of God. Community Chapel is a body of believers dependent upon prayer, and committed to God’s sovereignty.   We have pre-service prayer each Sunday Morning and Evening, where different ones pray for the ministry of the Word and the presence of God to move and touch all who attend the services.  On the last Friday of the month we have prayer time with fellowship following.   We also have a 24 hour Prayer Chain that has literally seen miracles take place of salvation, healing and deliverance.  This is a wonderful place to serve and minister.

Camp Counselors

Each summer, Community Chapel hosts a youth camp. The week-long event involves games, a lot of preaching, great food, good worship, and the intentional influence of camp counselors. The camp counselors are selected, screened, and trained for this important camp ministry. They find that their ministry is personally rewarding, and both campers and counselors grow in the  process.

Women’s Group

The Community Chapel Women’s Group gives the ladies in our church family special times of interaction. We have several fellowships throughout the year and also a once a year weekend women’s retreat conference where the women get together and fellowship around the word, worship, and each other.  There is always a place to serve in this department. 

Men’s  Group

Community Chapel Men’s Group gives the men of our church family special times of interaction. They have times when they gather at local restaurant and do special outings with also a once a year weekend men’s retreat.  This is a great area to serve and be a help.