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Up Coming Events

Wednesday Bible Study
Every Wednesday at 10:30 we have our Wednesday morning Bible Study.  The topic we are covering is “Pauline General Epistles”  which will begin in September. We are now on a summer break. If you are home and need something to do come and join us.  
Men’s Breakfast
All men are invited to join in a time of fellowship and prayer at the Men’s Breakfast Saturday August 24 at 8:30.  Call the church for for more information. (562) 868-0072
Women’s Retreat
 This is a time for the women to get away for a few days and be ministered over prophetically and spiritually refreshed. Our theme this year is to be announced soon. We are believing that each lady will be deeply touched and strengthened. For more information please call the church office. 562-868-0072
Youth Meeting
Every Friday Night at 7:00 there is a youth program going on in the church.  The youth have really been a blessing to the church.  They do so many wonderful things and if you want to come and be a part just call the church office for more information.  (562) 868-0072