Our Church History

Dr. Esther Mallett

Sept. 10, 1917 – June 29, 2010

Founder of:

Community Chapel World Outreach

     In 1957, five people gathered together in a home Bible Study. From that came the church that we know today. Esther Mallett, Leo & Peggy Rood and Wallace & MaryAnn Wilcox were the foundation of that church. They started out as a gathering of believers in a home Bible Study. While praying Peggy Rood and Wallace Wilcox had a vision of five golden links, linked together. They were unsure of what this vision meant, so they decided to wait upon the Lord. They received a Prophetic Word that said that from those five links, God would build a church, and people would come from the North, South, East, and West to learn about the Lord and be sent to the four corners of the earth.


     Believing what God had said, Pastor Mallett and the others went out and rented the Masonic Lodge in North Long Beach. The main interest of these five people was a concern for the lost and dying people of the earth, who did not know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world.   They outgrew the Lodge, so in 1958 they moved again to the I.O.O.F. Hall in Bellflower to continue their work and worship of the Lord.

     They looked continually for a place to build a church, and knowing that God already had a special place for them, Pastor Mallett was led to the property on Cherry Avenue in Long Beach. All the people of the church began to raise money and work together to build the church. After much work, the Church was dedicated on August 4, 1963.

     The church continued to grow in numbers until they found themselves without enough room, so they began construction again in 1967 to enlarge the Sanctuary, add Sunday School rooms and offices, which were completed in 1970.

Cherry Church 
     Still continuing to grow and unable to expand the building in Long Beach any further, they began to look for a different site for the church. Pastor Mallett once again found the property that the Lord wanted for the church. It was known as the ” Golden West Ballroom” in Norwalk, about 15 miles from where the Long Beach church was. The property was purchased and with much work of the people, this once famous dance hall was transformed into a beautiful house of worship. The church was dedicated on August 6, 1979 and continues to be our home. 
             Golden West Ballroom                                          Dedication of Church

     The teaching and preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom and winning the lost to Christ has always been the heartbeat of the church. Our main desire continues to be reaching all people for Christ. Not only the people in our community, but the people in the “uttermost” parts of the world.

    Through the grace of the Lord, our church continues to grow and lead people to the Lord. We have been blessed to have several churches founded because of the faithful teaching of our first five founders. We will continue to seek out the lost and lead them to the Lord. The vision that these five was given will continue to be our main purpose and we pray that whoever reads this will find the peace that the Lord longs for them to have.