Crisis Of Faith

Crisis Of Faith

The apostles said to the Lord, “Increase our faith.” Luke 17:5

Millions of people are afraid to travel by air. Many of them know very well what the statistics say—that they are safer in an airplane than in the family car, or even in the bathtub. But that doesn’t matter. Researchers say that a conscious fear of crashing is usually not the problem. The real root of their anxiety is the fear that they will lose control of their lives once they leave the ground.

A similar crisis of faith may occur when a person puts himself in the care of God. He too is carried a long way from what the world considers “solid ground.” Trusting an invisible Lord can be frightening, especially for a new Christian.

Jesus’ disciples experienced such a crisis of faith when He told them that they would have to rise to levels of forgiveness and mercy previously unknown to them (Luke 17:3-5). Yet He responded to their lack of faith by pointing out that it takes only a small amount of obedient trust in Him to put the power of heaven at their disposal.

That’s the key to our journey through life. When we learn what Christ wants from us, we must take the first step of obedience. He will then give us the strength to do what He wants us to do. Lord, increase our faith.

If you would know the power of God,

  Just take Him at His Word;

  Be not dismayed if faith is small,

  But trust “Thus saith the Lord.”

A little faith can dispel big fears.

Above The Circumstances

Above The Circumstances

Though the fig tree may not blossom, . . . yet I will rejoice in the Lord.  Habakkuk 3:17-18


            I remember a story about a woman who was very discouraged because of the many problems in her life. As she was walking down the street, she met a fellow believer who asked, “How are you doing today?”

            With a sour look and a bitter shrug she replied, “Oh, not too bad—under the circumstances.”

            The other person quickly countered, “Well, get above the circumstances! That’s where Jesus is.”

            The prophet Habakkuk was of the same mind. He refused to let circumstances dampen his faith or crush his hope. He looked to the future not with pessimistic fears of what else could go wrong, but with faith in God no matter what would happen. Even if he lost all his possessions, Habakkuk proclaimed that he would continue to trust the Lord to meet his needs (vs.17-19).

            Our eyes are to be focused on the Lord, not on our circumstances. We are to live above the shadows of fear and bask in the sunlight of faith. Even though we, like Habakkuk, may have a long list of troubles, faith’s answer to disappointment must always be: “Yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation”. That type of attitude will enable us to live above the circumstances instead of under them.


Although my trees are fruitless,

No grapes are on the vine,

Yet Christ is all my fullness,

And all His sweetness mine.

As you go along life’s weary road, let Jesus lift

Springs Of Living Water

Springs Of Living Water

He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.   John 7:38

            In 1896, Sherwood Eddy enthusiastically began his ministry as a missionary to India. But after just a year he was ready to quit—his energy depleted, his spirit broken.

One morning after a sleepless night he begged God for help. Then he remembered the promise of Jesus to the woman at Jacob’s well, “The water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life” (Jn. 4:14).

Eddy wrote, “I resolved to stop drawing on myself so constantly and begin instead drawing on God.” From then on he daily set aside time for prayerfully drinking from the well that never runs dry—the inexhaustible, soul-renewing wellspring of God’s grace. “Since that day,” Eddy said, “I have known not one hour of darkness and despair. The eternal God has been my refuge, and underneath me I have felt the everlasting arms.”

No matter how much energy or talent we have, sooner or later we discover that the well of our personal resources is running dry. But when Christ, the source of living water, indwells our lives, we aren’t locked into the drudgery of drawing on our human abilities. Jesus becomes our unfailing source of spiritual renewal. We find that when we have nothing left, He is the well that never runs dry.

Gracious and Almighty Savior,

Source of all that shall endure,

Quench my thirst with living water,

Living water, clear and pure.

Only Christ, the living water, can quench our spiritual thirst.

Whom Do We Sound Like?

Whom Do We Sound Like?

We have the mind of Christ. —1 Corinthians 2:16

            French scientists have succeeded in causing chickens to sound like quail. Researchers took tissue from the part of the Japanese quail brain thought to control the bird’s call, and they implanted it in the brains of five chicken embryos. The experiment worked. Researchers say the hatched chicks sounded like quail.

Here’s a far greater miracle: God has “implanted” the mind of Christ in those who have accepted His Son as their Savior. First Corinthians 2:12 tells us that the Spirit of God has taken up residence in us. In some mysterious way we now have a capacity for divine wisdom that no scholarly degree or natural experience could ever provide. Having the mind of Christ enables us to see life increasingly from God’s perspective.

This doesn’t mean that we can think on God’s level and instruct Him (v.16). But it does mean that we have a new capacity to think and talk and act more and more like Christ Himself.

O Lord, forgive us for not using the good mind You have given us. Please help us to spend more time in Your Word absorbing Your thoughts so that we can think, talk, and live more and more like You.

 May the mind of Christ my Savior

  Live in me from day to day;

  By His love and power controlling

  All I do and say.

 To think and talk like Christ, you must walk with Christ.

The Heart Of The Gospel

The Heart Of The Gospel

We all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed. 2 Corinthians 3:18

When E. Stanley Jones, well-known missionary to India, had the opportunity to meet with Mahatma Gandhi, he asked a searching question of India’s revered leader: “How can Christianity make a stronger impact on your country?” Gandhi very thoughtfully replied that three things would be required.

First, Christians must begin to live more like Jesus. Second, the Christian faith should be presented without any adulteration. Third, Christians should emphasize love, which is at the heart of the gospel.

These insightful suggestions are the key to effective evangelism around the world. As messengers of God’s love, we are to be human mirrors who reflect without distortion a growing likeness to our Lord; we are not to walk in “craftiness” (2 Cor. 4:2). If our lives reflect an image that is spiritually blurred, the truth of saving grace may not be clearly communicated (vs.3-5). We are also to share the biblical essentials of our faith clearly. We must not handle the Word of God “deceitfully” (vs.2). And our lives are to be marked by love for God and others (1 John 5:1-2).

Let’s be sure that we reflect a clear image of Jesus’ likeness, the truth of God, and love.

 Called to be salt and light in this world,

Called to preserve and to shine,

Called to reflect the glory of God—

Oh, what a calling is mine!