What’s Happening

Wednesday Bible Study
Every Wednesday at 10:30 we have our Wednesday morning Bible Study.  The topic we are covering is “Theology of Prayer”  which will begin in September. We are now on a summer break. If you are home and need something to do come and join us.  
Men’s Breakfast
All men are invited to join in a time of fellowship and prayer at the Men’s Breakfast Saturday October 14 at 9:00 at the Heritage Family Pantry in Lakewood. Call the church for for more information. (562) 868-0072
Women’s Retreat
Our Annual Women’s Retreat was May 5th to the 7th. We had a wonderful conference and many were ministered over prophetically and were deeply touched. Our next retreat will be announced soon.   Call the church office for more information.  (562) 868-0072
Youth Meeting
Every Friday Night at 7:00 there is a youth program going on in the church.  The youth have really been a blessing to the church.  They do so many wonderful things and if you want to come and be a part just call the church office for more information.  (562) 868-0072