CCWO Talent Show – August 15th 2014

CCWO Talent Show – August 15th 2014

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51st Annual Convention

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Philip Cappuccio - Banquet
Convention Banquet Prophecy
August 2, 2014 

By: Philip Cappuccio

Saith the Lord unto My People, even as you have gathered year after year to commemorate and celebrate My goodness and My faithfulness, I have determined saith the Lord, to come and touch you in a fresh way in this gathering.  I shall be unto My people as a refreshing strength, I shall be as it were a refreshing cloud.  I shall refresh and I shall strengthen, I shall come in a new and in a fresh way and thou shalt come and meet with Me and I will encounter My people.
For even as it is in your heart to commemorate and to celebrate it is in My Heart, saith the Lord, to gather you up unto Myself.  I shall mark thy life and I will return and you will say, “The mark of the Lord hath come upon me.”  And I shall cause you to see more clearly and I shall even be as Joseph was to his brethren.  For did he not put gold in the sacks and did he not put within them a full measure for their journey?  And I shall put gold and I shall even impart unto My people so that when you return from this place, you will discover that the Lord has given us more for our journey, if you will be but an expecting people and if you will be a people that will more than celebrate that which I have done.  But if you will come with open and expectant spirits, I shall pour into you and you shall leave this place ready to be poured out in a fresh way to a generation and to a culture saith the Lord that is thirsty and is hungry.

For I desire to rain upon this Nation.  I shall create for Myself bright clouds, thou shalt become the clouds of the Lord. It shall not be said of you as it has been said of many, for they are clouds in whom there is no water.  But if you will drink my people even these days, if you will drink to the full, then thou shalt leave from this place saying, “I have gone and I shalt now pour out in a fresh and in a new way,”  And so more than a celebration, there be a holy encounter and I shall mark thee, I shall refresh thee, and I shall send thee, saith the Lord.


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